Teaching experience

These courses were taught in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in the period from 2005 - 2019.

Courses taught in the Master's programs

  • The curriculum Basics.
  • The curriculum Theory.
  • Seminar on Curricula and Teaching Methods.
  • Methods of Educational Research.
  • Information and Communication Technologies in Curriculum and Teaching Methods.

Courses taught in the undergraduate programs

  • Methods of Teaching Arabic Language and Islamic Education.
  • General Methods of Teaching.
  • Primary Education Curricula.
  • School Activities
  • The General Curriculum.
  • Designing Arabic Language Teaching Curricula.
  • Educational Activity in the Teaching of Second Languages.
  • Modern Arabic Language Teaching for Speakers of Other Languages.
  • Microteaching.
  • Ancient Literature for Non-Arabic Speakers.
  • Approaches to Teaching Foreign Languages.
  • Approaches to Teaching Islamic Culture.
  • Instructional Media in Teaching Second Languages.
  • History of Arabic Literature.
  • Literary Texts.
  • Literary Criticism between the Ancient and Modern.
  • Press Texts for Non-Arabic Speakers.
  • The Art of Translation.
  • Communication Skills and University Study Skills.